Venue: Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
Date: 04th January 2014

The morning on the 4th of January 2014 was a morning like no other. As early as 8, where the morning mist is still hugging the pristine jungle like air & atmosphere, streams of Regius Primoris’s Distributors, Directors & staff have already been streaming onto KL Bird Park, nestled in Taman Perdana, the green lung of Kuala Lumpur.

This was the 2nd edition of Regius Primoris Sdn Bhd’s Charity Event* together with its Distributors. By 9, the mist still lingers on, refusing to fade, only slightly giving way to the warmth of the morning. The Distributors and staff was excitedly looking forward to bringing cheer and joy to 66 children from the *Ti-Ratana Welfare Homes to savour what was to be an unforgettable and most memorable outing ever to the children, their 2 chaperons and all of us, Regiusians.

By 9-20 a.m., 2 bus loads of the usually noisy and exited children alighted at the Bird Park. After the photography sessions with mock cheque presentation of a cash donation of RM11,288-00 to Ti-Ratanans by our CEO, Mr FuShen Chong, everyone entered into the Bird Park, full of excitement & anticipation.

Surprisingly as it may seems, many of us, adults included, have not been to this beautiful enclave of nature!. Some may have visited, but eons ago. The many kinds of free flying birds was a sight & experience to behold. Indeed, this was claimed to be the world’s largest free flying walk in aviary! The peacocks welcomed our visit, showing off its most prideful moments, spreading & stretching its colourful & beautiful wings to the fullest. The natural environment of the park, resembling their natural habitat & surroundings, was awoken with the chirping, hawking, callings and free flying around of all kinds of birds.

Everyone was seen having a good time mingling with the birds, clicking cameras away or trying to pet the birds, take photos with them and do what was to be a wonderful experience, to each his or her own.

At 12-30 p.m. at the Amphitheatre, the half an hour Bird Show began. In this most beautiful of Saturday afternoons, the Ampitheatre was packed by the colour of Ti-Ratana’s children and Regiusians. The atmosphere was one of carnival and excitement.

After the entertaining show, all of us adjourned to the Hornbill Restaurant to have our packed lunch. After lunch, we parted ways. By the time the children was onto the bus heading home, then and only then did mother nature brought in the rain, which we believed was put on hold during our tour of the park. What a wonderful outing. Indeed, “Make A Child Smile” was absolutely perfect. As everyone has a Child in us, we believed everyone thoroughly enjoyed this adventure! Cheers!

Below is the email forwarded to us by the management of the welfare home, acknowledge their thanks and appreciation to the contributions/donations of Regius Primoris and its distributors.