Venue: Ti-Ratana Wellfare Home
Date: 15th December 2012

On a lovely Saturday sunny morning of 15 December 2012, more than 150 people from Regius Primoris’s family members and Distributors converged onto a welfare home nestled on small elevate hill of Desa Petaling known as Ti-Ratana Welfare Home managed by Ti-Ratana Welfare Society.

Indeed, this Welfare Home was chosen as it is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable home supported and funded by philanthropists, generous donors and the public.  It is home to more than 200 neglected, abused, orphans and homeless people from babies to the very elderly, women and children, alike. They took care of everyone, including sending the school going children to kindergarten/school and even the attending/arranging to the last rites for those that passed away.
Regius Primoris, believes one of the core corporate philosophies is to have and to create a caring society. Being mindful of the plight of the less fortunate,  Regius Primoris family members and Distributors decided to extend a helping hand to reach out to them.

Upon landing at site, everybody was busily preparing for the cleaning of the premises of the homes, cheering and mixing around and talking to the homees, from young children to very senior citizens and the monks.

By noon, the homees was treated to a sumptuous lunch punctuated by the clown shows and entertainment and many rounds of exiting games.  The family members of Regius gave an electrifying and exhilarating dance performances including the latest Psy  dance with euphoric crowd participation. The children announces their happiness and pleasure by reciprocating and mesmerising everybody with a fantastic stage and dance performance as well. Regius’s citizens were interwoven as one happy human family together with the children swaying and singing to the drumbeats and song lyrics. The children enthusiastically participated in and enjoyed the hand printing. Regius also arranged for barbers to cut and style hair, the elderly was also showered with folding/easy chairs and clothing and the welfare home was also given cookies, rice and other goodies. Pillows and mattress were also brought for the babies.

It was indeed a carnival of an atmosphere. It can been seen that, everybody, really everybody from the homees, the staff, the monks, the family members and Distributors of Regius enjoyed thoroughly. Everyone have a wonderful and good time absorbed in the merriment of this very happy occasion. As this charitable function also coincide with the impending Christmas and New Year, it brought even more happiness, cheer, joy and laughter reverberating in every corner of the welfare homes. It was a wonderful get-together like no other.

By evening as the merriment toned down, it was time we bade goodbye to all the wonderful wonderful people of Ti-Ratana. We left with a very good feeling and a good and happy memories, that Regius Primoris’s Management, Staff and Distributors have extended our charitable hearts to the less fortunate in making this world a happier place to live in for every human being.

“…..Heal the World, Make a Better Place, For You and for Me and the Entire human race. There are people dying, If you care enough for the Living, Make a better place for You and for Me.....”.